The Science Behind IN.FORM

As you know, my focus is strongly on the IN.FORM system.  It is a fantastic program for everyBODY.  As practitioners, most of us have our niches or areas of special interest.  No matter what your specialty, IN.FORM is a wonderful tool to help your clients.  From this amazing springboard, you can help your clients really get off to a great start on their journey of brilliant health.  Many health concerns heal in the process.  Those that need a little more attention can then be addressed.  If you are just learning about this program…and especially if you are even half as big a health nerd as me, I invite you to hear from Dr. Matt Tripp, the chief scientific adviser for Nature’s Sunshine.  In this video, Dr.  Tripp shares the journey and clinical studies that culminated in the IN.FORM program.  If this resonates with you, please fill out a contact form and let me know what’s on your mind!