OMG, the pressures of coming out of health coach school trying to get started. It took me some time and I wasted a ton of money thinking I had to learn more before I could help people. Then I felt like I needed to learn how to build a website because the website I was promised at the school I went to…the one that I poured blood, sweat, and tears into getting just right, went away. I promised myself as soon as I got the site done, I would go full on coaching. Yeah, that didn’t happen. So I had to teach myself how to build a site. I did it. Then I needed to learn about email automations so I could communicate with my not quite existent yet email list. Then I needed to learn about seo, analytics and what not so I could get known. I thought I needed to use someone else’s protocol in a box because I was too smart to reinvent the wheel and do my own…..meanwhile a whole year passed before I really got in front of clients. More doubts. More excuses. More perceived obstacles. I need to find a unique niche so I can compete….a thousand different reasons… You may be experiencing that too. Here is some sound advice….



I’m not going to tell you that you know enough, because you are like me…a total knowledge junkie. If you have a heart for helping, join me as a lifestyle transformation specialist. I will be your guide. When you treat the PERSON, you don’t become irrelevant. It’s all about the relationships!