contrib_factorsHello practitioners and coaches! I’m not going to ramble on with a bunch of fluff; you need to get IN.FORM certified ASAP! Why? Well, you already know why; people are not well and the poly-pharmacy model of our current health care system is NOT helping. What you may not know is WHY IN.FORM? As you know, functional medicine practitioners and researchers are debunking dietary myths left and right. In our circles, most know that eliminating grains and focusing on a phytonutrient rich, whole foods diet is a great base model…for maintaining health. What about the people currently being treated for high blood sugar and CVD? Sadly, we know that after their 7 minute (avg) visit with their physician, they leave with a prescription or two and the directive to lose some weight and exercise more. I think you might agree that that is not a highly effective solution. How can we help? We can IN.FORM them of a better, more comprehensive way to regain their health AND support them while they do it.

So why is IN.FORM different than other programs on the market right now? Great question! Most of the current programs and methods are metabolic which means they focus on healing insulin resistance by lowering blood sugar. That is super solid and definitely the right direction. The most current research takes this approach a step further and involves the health of the gut microbiome. You may have heard about the “twins study”. Two twins, one obese and one lean, with the major difference being in the health of their gut microbiome. This study is very easy to find. The bottom line is that when bad bacteria take over, they create endotoxins that promote weight gain and go on to complicate weight loss. By supporting a healthy gut microbiome, the IN.FORM program offers a path to healthy metabolic age and function by supporting healthy body composition, weight management, AND cardiovascular function all in one easy to follow program.

Hold up…cardiovascular function? YES! We already know that Metabolic Syndrome is at the root of most chronic illness. We also know that lowering blood sugar through lifestyle modifications is extremely effective at reversing. The microbiome component has also been validated. But what if you took that a step further and provided direct aid to the “collateral damage” of this unhealthy state? I have two sets of statistics I want to share:The first compares the results of IN.FORM program data compared with a range of published data of other commercial weight loss products and systems. The IN.FORM participants experienced:

56% more weight loss
65% more fat loss
125% greater reduction in systolic and 62% reduction in diastolic bp
66% greater reduction in triglycerides
129% greater reduction in total cholesterol
80% greater reduction in LDL/bad cholesterol

The second compares two groups following the same diet and exercise recommendations but only the second group received the added benefit of the IN.FORM product protocol. At the end of 90 days, the group who received the IN.FORM products experienced median improvement (beyond the control group) in the following areas:
12% reduction in body weight
21.5% reduction of fat mass
51% reduction in triglycerides
15/10 mmHg reduction in bp (11% systolic & 12% diastolic)
18% reduction in total cholesterol
19% reduction in LDL/bad cholesterol
Bottom line? IN.FORM is for every BODY. This program is clinically studied and patent pending which means you can’t find this anywhere else. There are a few programs that are emerging that include the microbiome component but none that additionally address the cardio component. I will be posting separately about the product protocol, so stay tuned to get IN.FORMed!