HI, I’m Chris.


I started Namaste Nutrition because the majority of my friends are healers in spirit if not in practice.   We have a heart for helping others but at the end of the day bills have to get paid.  We were trying to make a living as fitness/yoga instructors, massage therapists, and health coaches but were coming up short in the compensation department.  It was frustrating to have to go back to an office job or bartending (like I did) just to make ends meet.  I felt scattered because my two “careers” were complete and total opposite in nature.  I crave flow and continuity and essentially living two different lives was creating a sense of chronic overwhelm.  I found my solution in a product line I was already using for more than ten years.  Sometimes you get a picture in your head about how a certain something ought to be.  It’s when you  ALLOW a space for other opportunities to present themselves that the real magic in life can happen.  I learned about the concepts of FLOW and ALLOW from yoga.  When I recommend yoga to people, I tell them they may come to class for one thing, but give it a chance and you will leave with amazing gifts you’d never thought of.  So as a hat tip to my beautiful yoga practice, that surprises me with many gifts, I named the sharing branch of my practice NAMASTE NUTRITION.  Namaste is a Sanskrit term about honoring the overt as well as hidden beauty of another.  If you have the heart of a healer and are looking for a way to help more people, come on in and take a look around.  I would love to share what I have learned with you and learn from ideas that you may have, too.










I invite you to have a look around my blog.  There you will find information about learning opportunities, (because we are total knowledge junkies!), and different options for teaching and helping clients that can in turn expand your practice.  Wondering how it all fits or need ideas to make this your own? Join my list below for an intro sequence or fill out a contact form and tell me a little about yourself and what your vision is for your practice.  Need some help defining that?  Let’s have a conversation!  I’ve been told that I’m a great sounding board during the defining process.  Maybe I can do the same for you.