Offering Labs

Coaches!!! This is really exciting stuff!!!!

At the end of the day, our goal is to bring our clients to a place of brilliant health. If you are working with clients in mid-life and beyond, it is possible that they have already sought treatment from their Traditional Western physician…complete with a counter full of prescriptions and maybe a stack of handouts from the dietician that looks like this .

If you’re here, you already know that pharmaceutical intervention without solid lifestyle modifications is not going to get our clients where they want to be on the wellness spectrum. You may already be an IN.FORM coach and have come across some clients that need a little more help isolating a problem in order to progress beyond a plateau. You may have also run into frustration from these clients when their doctor won’t dig deeper with them to get to the root of the problem. Well, we don’t need to feel like our hands are tied with these clients anymore. We can put them back in control of their health by supporting them as they request their own lab work. I have an opportunity for you to do just that AND you can learn how to interpret the results. Why is this a good thing? By doing this, we can strengthen the relationship of our clients with their doctors by preparing them to have an effective and productive conversation at their next visit. Many clients don’t know how to articulate their concerns concisely in a manner that gets results. WE can help them to do that.

Direct discounted blood work and lab testing - no doctor required

Be on the lookout for an informative webinar with Dr. Alan Hopkins of that will answer your questions about how to bring this valuable service to your clients…and do it professionally with confidence. Have questions now? Fill out a contact form to get the conversation started.