NSP Convention

I am about the least rah-rah person on the planet. That said, I LOVE going to convention every year! Last year, I sat about ten feet away from Jeffrey Bland as he spoke about Cardio Metabolic Syndrome and the related constellation of chronic illnesses. The year before, I listened as David Perlmutter went in depth about the gut microbiome and how it relates to neurological health but also insulin resistance and so many other seemingly unrelated ailments. The year before that, I got a double-play as Dr. Deanna Minich opened my eyes to the magic of phyto-nutrition and Dr. Mark Hyman brought my role in the functional medicine revolution into focus. All of these brilliant minds then brought it home as they shared how the company I have chosen to align with is on the very cutting edge of functional medicine. I’m excited to be here….Now, here is YOUR chance to be there!

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Toxins are everywhere…in our food, our water, even our air. Gain profound insight on how to thrive in a toxic world with the help of our newest product launching exclusively at Convention!


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Check out this line-up of experts


Keynote Speaker Kirk Duncan

A nationally recognized body language expert, Kirk has taught thousands of individuals how to cultivate their talents and confidence to rise to their potential. His heart-felt messages, storytelling talent and deep spirituality inspire audiences of all backgrounds.

Dr. Daniel Pompa

Addressing detoxification and how to live in a toxic world, Dr. Pompa has embraced a divine mission to assist others with their health challenges. His understanding of cellular healing has placed him in the spotlight where he has directed fellow professionals on detoxification programs and overcoming illness.

Keynote Dr. Kevin Spelman

Kevin Spelman, PhD, MCPP, is internationally recognized as an expert on the molecular biology and clinical therapeutics of botanical medicines. Having been involved with numerous high-profile clinical studies, Dr. Spelman has also advised the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel, IMD, PhD, DHS

Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel is a respected NSP Divisional Manager and world-class instructor. Having earned two doctorates, three PhDs and several board certifications, he specializes in making the latest scientific research on natural health accessible to the layman using simple and understandable terms.

Steven Horne

An author, publisher and renowned teacher of natural health, Steven Horne specializes in herbs and their uses. A professional member, and past President and Board Member of the American Herbalists Guild, he has helped formulate numerous Nature’s Sunshine herbal combinations, including our flower essence line.

Dr. Luis Pacheco

Dr. Pacheco is an Emmy Award-winning family physician, and he serves on Nature’s Sunshine’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Board. Widely recognized across the U.S., Dr. Pacheco is board certified in Family Medicine and has an active practice in Southern California.