Teach a Cooking Class!

If You are an IN.FORM coach, you know one of the biggest challenges our clients face is staying on track with their food  choices.  Everyone is busy and many have fallen into the fast food trap.  People need simple, actionable steps for getting back into their kitchens.  If you love the way the IN.FORM program is ready to teach right out of the gate, you may want to look into the  Wellness Cooking Academy.  I think you might find this a valuable resource because not only can you use a cooking class as a way to introduce the IN.FORM program to prospective clients, you can continue to offer value along their wellness journey.


You will learn the skills to create these events through this program.  I’m excited to partner with Sherri to bring this opportunity to you.  Please feel free to fill out a Contact form if you would like to discuss ways to make this system more personalized for your unique coaching style.