Become a Certified IN.FORM Coach!

I went to school to be a health coach because I wanted to help people on my own terms. I had been studying medicinal nutrition for over a decade before actually getting a certification. Want to know what I found out after graduation? It’s really, REALLY hard to find people who will pay you for your expertise. You are likely visiting my blog because you had an experience (or many) similar to mine. If you are just getting to know me, you know that I am building my practice around the programs of Nature’s Sunshine. Am I an MLMer endlessly pushing my products? No, I’m a consultant specializing in lifestyle transformation. That means I get to know my clients and meet them right where they are. It’s not just a one time sale because we are working together to make comprehensive, life long changes to BUILD HEALTH; not just address a single health complaint. You may already have a niche you would like to work with. That’s great and you can totally do that. There are many specialties: detox, cardio, kids, metabolism and weightloss, men’s and women’s health, digestion, essential oils uses and therapies, etc. If all these choices seem overwhelming, that’s ok. With over 600 products, there is room for lots of learning! If you’re like me, you definitely want to learn it all. In the meantime, while you learn, I suggest picking one. My suggestion is IN.FORM.

IN.FORM is a 13 week metabolic weight loss program in a group setting. Looking for a way to put all that summit knowledge to use about adrenal fatigue, blood sugar issues, allergies, digestive issues etc? This is it. The best part? You don’t have to rip your hair out tying together all this information to make your own program. It’s all done. As you learn, you can take the basic template and really deep dive into areas you would rather spend time in. I suggest starting here because you can actually earn a living with this if you are trying to transition from a full time job. Watch the video below and explore IN.FORM at the company site then get in touch with me about any questions you may have.