Blood Sugar and Cellular Signaling

So what is all this talk about metabolic age and healthy body composition. These refer to the changes that happen when you are giving your body the right building blocks and factors to be healthy. There are a couple of different components at play here. One is the health of the biome (endotoxin driven). Another one that hasn’t gotten as much attention in the IN.FORM conversation is Advanced Glycation End-products or AGE’s. When sugar reacts with protein, the process is called glycation. When that protein is hemoglobin, this end product is called…. Hemoglobin A1c. You have likely heard this term before and know that it is a marker for blood sugar regulation. What you may not know is that when glycation occurs, this results in a misshapen protein that is foreign to the body and can therefore stimulate an immune inflammatory response. There are receptors on the surface of our immune cells known as receptors for AGE’s or RAGE’s. The more AGE’s in the blood and tissues, the greater the risk for various AGE related chronic diseases sparked by these immune responses. In other words: the more AGE’s there are the more the cells become enRAGEd. That is how cellular communication is impaired in the case of insulin resistance. This altered protein structure also contributes to the risk for heart disease and arthritis. What look like independent diseases are really caused by the same alteration in the core physiological process.


Why is this process significant? It illustrates a subtlety of why the IN.FORM program is so much more than just a weight loss system. The formation and accumulation of AGEs has been implicated in the progression of age-related diseases including Alzheimers, kidney disease, CVD and stroke…even cataracts and reduced muscle function. The low glycemic, protein rich food plan transforms a sugar burning body into one that burns fat instead. Combine that with a dense Phyto-nutrient component to help to heal the oxidative damage in general, along with the cardiox LDL that specifically targets the oxidation of cholesterol. Studies have now proven that cholesterol is not dangerous until it becomes oxidized.

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