…But How Will I Actually Make Money?

So you are 110% sold on using the products and programs of NSP to expand your holistic practice.  There’s just one teensie tinsie detail you aren’t quite clear on yet.  As you know, I’m a huge fan of NOT re-inventing the wheel, so I’m going to turn this over to Doug who gets a little help from John and Eric to lay it down for you: But first, a disclaimer: yes, John and Eric are total MLM bros. With that said, they get the job done, so deal with it 😉

Here is a PDF of the slides

Give Me 5-Classic Fact sheet

Give Me 5-Legacy Fact sheet (recommended for IN.FORM coaches)


This is just a quick overview of compensation.  I personally don’t focus a whole lot on this, but I wanted you to have the resource if you have questions.  Feel free to fill out a contact form if you have specific questions.