Consider an E-Mail Auto-Responder to Guide Your Clients to Their Next Step

You are here because you want to expand your practice. You have likely explored the Nature’s Sunshine website and probably watched a webinar or two about how to teach people how to get the most out of our products. You may already have a website with a blog to send people to for more information. “Check out my blog” is all fine and good, but I would suggest really taking a new client by the hand and give them a guided tour. That sounds easy enough…when you only have a handful of clients. What happens when you get two handsful of clients? It might be time to get a system in place so you don’t just give a vague call to action and possibly lose overwhelmed clients in the process. I’m suggesting an email auto-respond e-mail system. There are many out there, but one that I personally use is ConvertKit. Many practitioners use Mail Chimp when they are first starting out, but for a lot of reasons, I prefer ConvertKit. The biggest one? You can track and trace the behavior of your list members and respond appropriately based on actions they have taken. Other programs treat them as if they were multiple subscribers based on each time they enter your “funnel”. It is hands down the closest you will get to a timely, appropriate response to their actions without personally responding to each action. I invite you to take a tour and sign up for their free workshops and see if you get inspired to get your own funnel in place. Your business is growing…Are you ready for it?