Get It Cheaper On the Internet? At What Cost?


As a health coach,  I teach a transformational habit of health that meets my clients where they are.  After years of not so great habits, it’s very unrealistic to think the average person is going to culture foods , have daily smoothies and drop sugar right off the bat.  Like any worthwhile endeavor, it is a process.  I come from a background in Pharmacy and firmly believe a good portion of our current health crisis is due to over-reliance on popping a pill for every ill.  I do, however, believe there is tremendous healing power in the foods we eat and the herbs that grow in our garden.  The point is, there is a good size learning curve between the decision to pursue a healing lifestyle and bringing that commitment into a daily fruition.  I, along with the new frontier of functional medicine practitioners, believe that mindful, strategic supplementation is key to a significant improvement in health. Part of that strategy is a QUALITY supplement.

  • Is the dose correct?
  • Is it the correct part of the plant?
    • Some leaves are healing yet their stem or root is poisonous.
  • Is it free of toxins?
  • Is it pure and unadulterated?
  • Was it handled properly?

Often times clients will come to me for a session and just want to know what they need to take for an ailment.  They then take that recommendation and find it for the most rock bottom price on the internet or local pharmacy outlet.  It drove me crazy because I know how questionable many products are.  I have been a Nature’s Sunshine Consultant for almost a decade now.  I have studied their manufacturing practices and they are second to none.  I believe in their products so much that I often waive or refund my consultation fee when a client commits to a 90 day trial…long enough to lay a basic foundation for a lifelong habit of health.  I’m happy to do it.  Here’s why: