You’re Not a Doctor…but You Can REALLY Help People!

A common theme for health coaches is OVERWHELM. Tech overwhelm aside, I often see coaches questioning their niche and wanting to specialize in fertility, autoimmune, gut health, endocrine issues and so on. I absolutely agree that we should have a great working knowledge of all of these and continue learning in these areas and beyond. Where I break ranks with many is in how I approach working with clients. Here’s an example:



This is all a mindset. I am under no illusion and know my place on the wellness team of my clients. Dr. Frank Lipman is a huge supporter of health coaches and calls us the foot soldiers of the wellness revolution. Many underestimate the importance of this role. We do the heavy lifting after that client sees their doctor and gets the vague directive to ,”clean up your diet, exercise more and cut out the stress”. Are we going to come across people with very specific issues? Definitely. Can you specialize in who you want to work with? Great idea! Just know your place on that team. I would suggest that you enjoy your knowledge journey. Find a way to impact your clients with simple diet and lifestyle changes that build general health. While you are doing that, reinvest that income in education in the area that you really want to specialize….or just get really REALLY good at connecting with people in that basic lifestyle transformation phase. This is where I spend my time because that is where I see the most significant impact. I meet my clients right here; usually after a scary appointment with a lot of “red” in the test values of a lab report. Bring it on, baby!!!! I got a program for that! The only time meds ever come up is in my encouragement to get so deliciously healthy they can go have a great conversation with their doctor about possibly moving away from them. I educate my clients and encourage them to be incredibly proactive with their health. A client who really takes ownership of their health seeks to understand and in turn commits to cultivating that wellness.

I am always looking for coaches who want to learn about basic wellness cultivation. I am a consultant with Nature’s Sunshine and have tied together a great way to really focus on long term relationships with my clients. I don’t want to build an online empire with solutions in a box. I want to meet people right where they are and teach them how to advocate for their own wellness and for others in their life. I won’t be an internet sensation, but I sure do make an impact in the lives of the people I teach. Want to learn how I do it? You can sign up for an email series below, or go to the contact page of my site and let me know what you want to learn about.